Rob Hendon — He Paints Guitars

Occupation: Artist Location: Nashville, TN ROB HENDON: “I’m Inspired by the Acoustic Guitar…It Represents Songwriting” There’s a gratefulness to your paintings. A positivity. It’s out of sheer enjoyment. And, I love to paint. People notice faces in my paintings. Everyone sees something positive. I seriously paint, but I don’t take myself seriously. I don’t worry about criticism. Like songwriting, I’m doing what I love. I’ve been lucky enough to find a niche to make a living. Not everyone gets to write songs or paint for a living. Some days, it’s easy; you can write a song or paint fast. And, other days, you have to go back to it and keep working. It’s what I watched for years on Music Row with songwriters. So many similarities. That’s true. You spent time on Music Row before taking up painting. Twenty years. My favorite job was A & R at Capitol Records in my […]

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