Clay & Karen’s Gathering Details

In case you haven’t heard, Mr. Clay Mills and I ran off to Jackson Hole and got married on a snowy day with the Grand Tetons peaking out from behind the clouds. It was perfect for us. We didn’t even know what day we would make our promises before God and the mountains, we just watched the sky. That low-key approach gave us a wonderful, still moment. We hope to continue that low-key wonderfulness with an intimate gathering of family and close friends to celebrate. We can’t wait to see your smiling faces on August 18, 2018, in Mike & Jackie Bortner’s beautiful garden. Yes, this gathering is a little short notice, but we haven’t done anything too normal yet—and we’re not about to start! Working creatives, you know… It’s a little harder to plan from a distance, so thank you for rolling with us! Most of the small details are on this page, like parking, places to stay, etc.. If you have other questions (you can use the contact form at the bottom of the page to send me an email) or if I think of more, I’ll add them here. See you soon!



A few slices of our life…


Garden Party Location: Michael & Jacqueline Bortner’s Garden, 155 West Springettsbury Avenue, York, PA 17403. Parking on Springettsbury and side streets is available during the weekend. If I have any updates to parking, you’ll find it here on this page. Link to address on google maps:

Dress: I’ve got something pretty to wear and Clay has agreed to dress up a little. (Nashville leans a little to the casual side, so be comfortable!) And, if you like hats, please wear one!

Food: Charcueterie and a beautiful array of Chef Levi creations will available throughout the evening. Gluten and dairy free options are included. Some indulgent options, too…my lovely sister-in-law Chen Yu is creating the cake. Yum!

Entrance to the Garden: You may come through the side gate on Pershing Avenue, or through the front door on Springettsbury Avenue.

Rain: First of all, Trudi Metheny is praying, so it won’t likely rain; second of all, we’re renting a tent. We should stay dry if that should happen.

Drinks: We will have a bubbly toast at some point in the evening. There will be wine and and gluten-free cider. A word: Uber operates in York.

RSVP: Please do so through the “Evite” Invitation by August 8, 2018—or, NOW if you haven’t yet and you know you’re coming! Option #2: If you are unable to respond through the invitation link for some reason, email me at:  Option #3: You can always call me, though, I’m forgetful, so try the first two options first!  717.676.2602

Gifts: We hesitate to even mention this, but if we put “No Gifts,” some of you will bring them anyway because of something good and deep and/or obliging inside of you. In truth, we need nothing but love and peace and time and your smiling faces…and love, did I mention that? I promise that is enough! I’ve moved into already occupied space and still don’t have a place for everything —so, no needs! However, if you’re the type who loves to bring a gift no matter what we say, then stop by Jackie’s new gift shop Kaletta’s on the corner of W. Philadelphia Street in York. It’s lovely! I think it’s important that we support each other’s endeavors.  Or—and this is my favorite option—take some time before you arrive to write a “Love List” for us.

What’s a Love List, you ask?  A few years ago, I spontaneously scribbled a rambling list of things/people/moments/memories/scents/sights/etc. that I love. It was a “stream of consciousness” activity, and I thought it was somehow important. We throw the word “love” around a lot, and I mean it whether I’m talking about my family or chocolate. We would love to know what you love. So, the part-time professor in me says you don’t even have to worry about punctuation. Just get the words out and give them a safe place to land. You can write what you love about being alive, or your family, or what you love about our friendship/relationship, or all the kinds of chocolate you love. No matter, we will love reading your “Love List.” It will be a treasure. We’ll have a suitcase or jar on a table on August 18th. I say we fill it up with everything we love.

p.s. This is acting as our “Guest Book,” and we’ll have postcards for you that evening to write or re-write your “Love List.” Here’s my latest one:


Airport: BWI (Baltimore-Washington) is the easiest at about 1:15-1:30 drive on the highway.

MDT (Harrisburg International) is the closest; however, it’s a small airport, usually involves a connecting flight, and requires longer to get a car rental. MDT is in Middletown, PA, about a :45-1:00 drive without work traffic.

PHL (Philadelphia) is about 1:45-2:00 drive without traffic (which only happens in the middle of the night). Make sure you choose the turnpike route. It’s a fun city to visit, though, if you choose this airport.

There are no airport shuttles to York, PA, that I’m aware of, but it’s not a difficult trip.

York, PA, Accommodation Suggestions:

Grace Manor B & B: This is a dear friend’s AMAZING B & B in downtown York. Each room is a different theme. You should stay here if she has room!

Hampton Inn & Holiday Inn & Suites: : These are closest to the party.

Tru by Hilton York

Things to do:

Downtown Shopping: Sunrise Soap Company. One of my favorite places in downtown, just down the block from Jackie’s boutique: Kaletta’s, Farmer’s Market (Saturday morning).

Historical York: Did you know that York, PA, was the nation’s first capital (9 days)? There are a few beautiful historic buildings to visit downtown.

Downtown: The Strand Capitol Theater, Art Galleries, antiquing (Refindings), shopping and more. Check out Grace Manor’s page here.

Heritage Rail Trail: bike, walk, run.

Gettysburg, PA, is a 45 minute drive. It’s a wonderful town to visit if you love Civil War history and antiquing.

Lancaster, PA, is a 30 minute drive. If you haven’t heard, it’s Amish Country…buggies, food, mall & boutique shopping, beautiful farmland. Whoopie pies…

Philadelphia is full of museums and historical sites well worth seeing if you haven’t been to the city. Don’t miss Reading Market for a Philly Cheese Steak.

Check back if you have any questions. I may be adding and tweaking this information as the evening gets closer. I’m my own worst editor. 🙂

See you then!

Karen & Clay Mills