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“Home Run,” the first story in Karen’s linked short story collection “The Thin Places,” appears in Menda City Review’s 2016/2017 Winter Issue. Written under the pen Karen Leslie.

Crying in my kitchen after reading your short story Home Run…every woman who has found herself in that moment will resonate with that story. 


I had no tissues, no remedy for the wide open space in my heart after I read it. You know a good piece of art when it causes another artist to want to create…I was longing for a pen, a pad of paper and a week in the woods to process.


Read “Home Run” at Menda City Review

What a gently powerful story! I definitely saw some of me in Mauri.


Wonderful short story Karen as I didn’t want it to end so soon.


So happy, Karen, that your wonderful story found a good home. Hurrah, hurrah!


So much to love about this story, but oh that doily imagery is really sticking with me!



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