Love List 2015

I love beauty. I can’t figure my exact definition of it, but I love it. I love interesting faces. Throaty voices. Belly laughs. Auburn hair. White hair. Blue eyes. Nung. Rodin’s sculpture. Leaves floating atop a brook. Poetic weaving of words. Melodies that ache. Belonging. The sound of a lake lapping against a shore. Pine needle and moss forest floors. The smell of a baby. Climbing waterfalls. Wind on a summer day. Witty conversation. Deep conversation. No conversation. Hope. Wood floors. Stone fireplaces. Leather couches. Creaky steps and screen doors. Porridge with strawberries and milk. Moments. Memories. Resolution. Wind chimes. Pieris Japonica. Poppies. Being 17 and 33—and now. Giant oak trees. Colorado. First sentences. Last sentences. Impressionist and Post-impression paintings. And Claude’s Camille. I’ve forgotten a thousand things… ©2015

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