Love List 2017

I started writing a Love List a few years ago. Maybe we should all have “love lists” to remind us on overcast days of beauty and how it speaks to us. I’m letting my mind go again. Here is this year’s addition to my unending Love List, for Love Month 2017. I’d love to read yours…

I love a crisp wind and warm Spring sun. I love talking about writing and Story with teenagers. Love seeing their eyes alight with new knowledge, at discovering humor, lightness, and darkness in the words someone else has woven together. I love chocolate—85%, specifically, and preferably with some crunchy something buried in it. Love the wash of nostalgia when an old, painful song comes on (and all the regrets it nudges out of place). Love silence in the car just as much, just like my Mom did, but I didn’t understand then. I love the tears that rise at a sweet thought, a missing of someone dear, or someone else’s dear. The rush of an April stream, one I should be fishing in, but I’d rather sun myself on a large, warmed rock and stare up through the budding branches. Though it’s fleeting, more now than before, I love when I am ten again, flat-chested, carefree and so wonderfully unaware of myself, jumping into the dammed-up Tuscarora Creek. Swinging high out above the water and dropping like a rock. Then, looking back and daring my girlfriends (and brother) to follow. I love reading next to my fella with a couple of cuppas between us, a fire flickering and sighing, the room filled to the brim with happy quiet. Reading. Reading. Picking story shrapnel from my soul like a surgeon. I love seeing my children’s faces break into smiles when I come near, anxious to touch and hug them. To pat their arms and admire how well they are. And, my dear sweet Little Miss Ava…sigh. ©2017

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