A Sample of Publications

Home Run, (pen Karen Leslie). Menda City Review. 2016/2017 Winter Issue.

BNT Travel Blog: Travel Articles, Blog Curator. 2017-present. www.bobnefftours.com/travel-blog

Meet Frances Drost interview. BNT Travel Blog. 2019.

Weekly Business Column, www.williamsonbusiness.com. 2017.

Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Celebration Still “Wow’s”. BNT Travel Blog. 2018.

The Hills Are Alive With Music —Visit the Trapp Family Lodge. BNT Travel Blog. 2018.

Visit New England Lighthouses. BNT Travel Blog. 2018.

20 Things for Your Packing List When Traveling to Warm Weather Destinations. BNT Travel Blog. 2018.

Yellowstone and Wyoming: Still. BNT Touring Magazine. Spring 2017.

The Lure of Coastlines. BNT Touring Magazine. Fall 2016.

The Ark Encounter. BNT Touring Magazine. Spring 2016.

Middle America. BNT Touring Magazine. 2016.

Anne Clinton: A Weight Loss Journey. Form Fitness Profiles. 2016.

An Interview with Hit Songwriter: Bonnie Baker. SongTown Talk. March 2016.

An Interview with Jon Decious of TOWNE. SongTown Talk. Feb 2016.

An Interview with Rob Hendon. SongTown Talk. Dec 2015.

Octavia P. A Country Girl Bought a Ticket to Start Over. The Contributor. 21 Sept 2015.

Our Vendors: Octavia Peck. INSP News Service, 21 Oct 2015.

Tour North. BNT Touring Magazine. Fall 2015.

2015 BNT’s Travel Dreams: An Interview with Bob Neff, Jr. Tour Book 2015.

Smart Packing. BNT Touring Magazine. Spring 2015.

Perfect Girlfriend Destinations. BNT Touring Magazine. Spring 2014.

Uncovering An Underground Coffeehouse. Originally published at The WordShop Blog. Redirected from http://www.notableblends.com. 2013.

New Year. New Logo. New Tours at BNT. BNT Tour Book 2014.

The Beach Off-Season. BNT Touring Magazine. Fall 2013.

Travel Is a State of Mind. BNT Touring Magazine. Spring 2013.

Amelie’s: A French Bakery and Coffee House. Originally published at The WordShop Blog. Redistributed by Amelie’s French Bakery across social media platforms. Feb 2013.

Making Limoncello: A Recipe for Italian Nostalgia. Bucket List Publications. 8 April 2012.