Naming Moments in Your Life—Moonlight Ledge (or Elk Rock) in Evergreen, Colorado

I’m perched on Elk Rock—or Moonlight Ledge, depending on the position of the sun. We’d climbed the mountainside behind my dear friend’s hand-built cabin in Evergreen, Colorado, where a bookshelf hugs the ceiling of every room, a wool loom reclines in the corner, and curiosity and caring fill the rest. I’d just cut my hair and life had no ease except for this beautiful Western sanctuary. Evergreen is a picturesque town in the foothills of the Rockies. The kids felt adventurous running around the “hills” at night, and I felt fourteen again. Free. Lighthearted. Loving the hush of the pines. The night air. The winking stars and faint outline of the elk herd moving silently in the open field far below the rocky ledge. When I asked my friend’s son, Dawson, what the name of the rock was, he said it didn’t have one. He was a teenager at the […]

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