How To Make A Perfect Dukan Diet Galette

How to make the perfect Dukan Diet galette

The Dukan Diet galette is a tasty breakfast option, and a long-time favorite when I want something warm and bread-like, yet low-carb. The galette is a healthy low-carb, fiber-filled pancake. As a traveler, when I know I’ll have access to a kitchen, I pack some gluten-free packets of oat bran (Bob’s Red Mill) and stop by a grocery store for the other ingredients. Whether you are following the Dukan Diet, counting carbs, or simply searching for a healthier version of the pancake, here’s my tweaked recipe for this sorta delicate little breakfast treat. I hope you enjoy the galette recipe as much as I do! The Perfect Dukan Diet Galette Makes 1 yummy galette Ingredients: 1 egg, slightly beaten 2 T oat bran (1.5 T for Attack Phase) 1 T wheat bran (optional) 1 1/2 – 2 T non-fat, plain greek yogurt or quark Dash of cinnamon Spray an omelet pan […]

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