Jon Decious of TOWNE

Occupation: Musician, All Around Farm Hand Band/Duo: TOWNE Location: Nashville, TN Birthplace: Somerset, KY “Runnin’ Into You” by TOWNE (Games We Play EP) Good morning, Jon! You Devious Angel, you… Morning to you too, Karen! Thanks for having me. Our duo actually just changed our name to TOWNE—but I don’t mind still getting called a devious angel. It’s still pretty accurate. What’s an “all around farm hand” doing in Nashville? As an “all around farm hand” in Nashville, I’m trying to write and record great songs so I don’t have to be an “all around farm hand” anymore. It keeps the lights on, and honestly, I’ve really been fortunate to get the opportunity to make money doing work that is more physically than mentally straining. I can’t tell you how many songs have been started or finished riding in circles on a mower or chainsawing a tree.  When did you start your journey as […]

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